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Professional Pocket Hole Jig Kit

Professional Pocket Hole Jig Kit

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The HOWOD pocket hole jig offers an ideal solution for fast, accurate, and reliable wood joinery, accommodating various wood types, including synthetic and composite materials.

Accurate, Durable, and Reliable: The high-quality all-metal construction surpasses plastics and glass-filled nylon alternatives in durability. Hardened steel drilling sleeves ensure consistency and accuracy in your drilling applications. The kit includes two high-quality 3/8” titanium-plated stepped drill bits for enhanced durability.

Easy Adjustment: Simply loosen the thumbscrews to release the marked slider, adjust it to the thickness of the material to be drilled, and then re-tighten the thumbscrews. Slider markings are provided in both imperial and metric measurements to meet all project needs.

Versatile: This pocket hole jig enables you to drill perfect pocket holes consistently in hardwood, softwood, and sheet (MDF) materials, facilitating the quick construction of cabinetry, furniture, and various types of joinery with ease.

What's Included: 1 Pocket hole jig, 4 3/8” titanium-plated stepped drill bits, 1 Additional slider, 2 Magnetic square drive bits (6” and 4” long), 1 Set of pocket screws and plugs, 4 Drill stop collars, 6 Allen wrenches, 4 Stainless steel wood screws, A handy plastic card, 1 Wrench, 1 Brush.



Material:Aluminium alloy

Size: 286*115*24mm

Weight: 1.3kg

Note: Please allow 1-3CM to differ due to manual measurement.-Due to the different display and light, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item.

Please also note that deliveries to the Outer Islands (Chatham, Kawau, Waiheke, etc) will incur additional costs. Please contact us first to find out these rates.

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