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3 Ton Air Jack Fast Lifting Pneumatic Car Repair Inflatable Bladder Jack

3 Ton Air Jack Fast Lifting Pneumatic Car Repair Inflatable Bladder Jack

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This air jack is a pneumatic jack with a lifting capacity of 3.0 tons. It has a minimum height of 145 mm and a maximum height of 400 mm. The jack can lift a car in 3-5 seconds and is designed to work within a temperature range of -30℃ to 50.

Constructed from high-strength steel, the jack is sturdy and durable. Its airbags are highly sealed to prevent leakage and scratching. The wheels are suitable for all-terrain use, allowing for easy car maintenance anywhere.

To use the jack safely, the user should keep the red valve closed, open the green valve to input compressed air, turn off the green valve when the desired height is reached, and open the red valve to release air after use. The jack also features a relief valve to prevent over-inflation.

The jack comes with a long handle that can be disassembled from the middle, facilitating easy movement and storage in a trunk.

Suitable for lifting a single wheel in soft terrain or on muddy roads, this air jack is ideal for family cars, minivans, SUVs, and off-road vehicles. It is also a preferred tool for jacking on frame racks, alignment machines, and in various types of repair shops.


Capacity: 3.0 tons
Min. Height: 145 mm
Max. Height: 400 mm
Color: Red
Lifting Time: 5 seconds
Working Temperature: -30? to 50?

Note: Please allow 1-3CM to differ due to manual measurement.-Due to the different display and light, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item.

Please also note that deliveries to the Outer Islands (Chatham, Kawau, Waiheke, etc) will incur additional costs. Please contact us first to find out these rates.

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